02x10 - Hawaii 5-0

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(CZ dabing)

Reporter Bethany Morris is found murdered in her apartment and her computer containing the latest story she was working on is stolen. Jenna receives news her fiance is still alive, but wants McGarrett to rescue him in North Korea. When they arrive however, Jenna double crosses McGarrett, revealing she is working with Wo Fat, and captures him in exchange for her fiance. Wo Fat delivers on his word to Jenna but she finds him dead. Wo Fat later interrogates and tortures McGarrett to find out who or what Shelburne is. Meanwhile, the rest of Five-0 discovers a link between Jenna and Bethany, the latter of which was one of her sources. When they learn of McGarrett's capture, they and Joe White and a SEAL team go on an unsanctioned mission to rescue him, and enlists the help of one of Joe's friends (Jimmy Buffet), who is a helicopter pilot. Before Wo Fat kills Jenna and McGarrett vows revenge, she gives McGarrett a pin to help him escape. Wo Fat escorts McGarrett to an air field. En route however, Five-0 and the SEALs attack Wo Fat's convoy and rescues McGarrett, however, once again Wo Fat escapes their clutches. As they return to Hawaii, Chin Ho announces he is engaged to Malia again.

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