02x13 - Hawaii 5-0

Vražedné riešenie

(CZ dabing)

A 17-year-old girl is found smothered to death in her bedroom by her friends. Before her death, she stole $5,000 from her father after her best friend Carolyn (Courtney Coleman) was blackmailed after having sexual relations with their school principal. When the blackmailer discovers he also recorded the girl's murder, Five-0 find she was killed by a professional hitman. The team finds that the father was working as a juror following a case where substandard Chinese steel was used to construct an $800 million building. The defense lawyer in the case (Sam Anderson) set up the girl's murder in order to get a alternate juror to be more favorable to him. Five-0 arrive at the building to arrest the lawyer and the contractor, however the lawyer falls to his death. Meanwhile, Joe returns from Japan again and is later kidnapped by Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale), Hiro's son, who believes he murdered him. When McGarrett later rescues him, Joe reveals he actually faked Hiro's death, but would not say why. McGarrett gets angry at this, knowing that he went through torture by Wo Fat.

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