02x16 - Hawaii 5-0


(CZ dabing)

Five-0 finds a young woman dead in the same hotel Governor Denning is hosting a silent auction charity event. However, Denning refuses to lock down the hotel in order to catch the killer choosing to launch a low-key investigation in order to not disrupt the event. The team finds a link between the victim, Victoria Chase, and the corporation Garlin International. It is revealed that her sister Amanda (Sarah Habel) worked there and was raped by her boss, Dimitri Vonikov. Five-0 believe Vonikov murdered her as she was seeking revenge. However, they cannot question him as he is hiding out in a Russian consulate. To lure him out, Chin Ho breaks into the consulate with a fake bomb, setting off an international incident. McGarrett chases Vonikov, but both get run over by a car. Kono gains a blood sample from Vonikov during surgery, and with it they prove Vonikov was the murderer. As fallout for the international incident, Denning forces Lori to resign from the task force.

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