02x22 - Hawaii 5-0

Zub za zub

(CZ dabing)

In Osaka, McGarrett and Interpol find and arrest Wo Fat, who surrenders a bit too easily. In addition, it is revealed that Wo Fat found and killed Hiro Noshimuri, and that Kono is dating Hiro's son, Adam. In Honolulu, the rest of Five-0 trace a phone call Wo Fat made to an undercover CIA agent, Wo Fat's "get out of jail free card", who is found dead. As McGarrett and Wo Fat's plane approaches Hawaii, McGarrett finds that the pilots are Yakuza; during the struggle the plane crashes in the Oahu jungle, leaving McGarrett and Wo Fat as the only two survivors. After McGarrett subdues Wo Fat, a helicopter full of Yakuza operatives arrives with intent to kill Wo Fat in revenge for the death of Hiro Noshimuri. McGarrett kills all the Yakuza members and flies the helicopter to the airbase. On landing, they are surrounded by Adam's men. However, the Five-0 team arrive and Kono talks Adam out of killing Wo Fat, and then kills Adam's lawyer, who had murdered the CIA operative, just as he tries to kill Adam. McGarrett later escorts Wo Fat to a prison cell.

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