02x23 - Hawaii 5-0

Úmrtie v rodine

(CZ dabing)

With Wo Fat now in jail, Joe White returns to McGarrett to tell him he will be taken to the real Shelburne, while Danny learns Stan and Rachel are moving to Las Vegas, and he faces losing custody of Grace. Meanwhile, arriving at the scene of a fake murder, Fryer is shot and killed by a mysterious shooter. As Five-0 investigate the scene, the shooter returns to wound Max before escaping with a police car. The team chase the shooter to HPD headquarters, where the shooter uses a gas leak to destroy the building, though it was evacuated beforehand. Recovering, Max tells Joe that the shooter is a woman, and Fryer wounded her. The culprit, Hillary Chaver (Taylor Cole), was a criminal Fryer and Delano once worked to catch, until she faked her death. Five-0 track her to a veterinarian as she is seeking treatment. Chaver fires at the team, but McGarrett manages to kill her. Later, it becomes apparent that Chaver had a partner who also worked with Delano; Chin Ho is blackmailed into breaking Delano out of prison after Kono and Malia are kidnapped. Delano forces Chin Ho to choose which one to save; he chooses Malia, but after arriving at home finds she has been shot. In the meantime, Delano instructs Chaver's partner to dump Kono into the ocean. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Joe return to Japan where Steve finally meets Shelburne, who turns out to be his mother.

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