03x01 - Hawaii 5-0

Sviatok matiek

(CZ dabing)

McGarrett reluctantly begins to reconcile with his thought-to-be-dead mother Doris (Christine Lahti), who was revealed to be Shelburne in the previous episode. She admits she was a secret agent who assassinated Wo Fat's (Mark Dacascos) father, and faked her death to protect her family. Kono is pulled from the water by Adam Noshimuri, having been alerted by Chin Ho, while Chin Ho races back home to save his wife Malia, but she succumbs to her injuries. Furthermore, Frank Delano (William Baldwin), who arranged those events, also breaks Wo Fat out of prison. McGarrett places Doris into protective custody under his girlfriend Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). Delano asks Wo Fat to help him smuggle drugs out of Hawaii, and in exchange he will give him Shelburne's location. Five-0 realize Delano and his crew are posing as cleaners so they could steal the drugs from HPD headquarters. Delano's team is hindered by a traffic jam, and Five-0 engages them, while Chin Ho avenges his wife's death by shooting Delano in cold blood. One of his dying men reveals Wo Fat knows where Doris is. However Wo Fat escapes after Doris fires three shots. At the end of the episode, Steve sends his mom away from the island to protect her from Wo Fat, but as her plane departs, Danny shows up and reveals that she fired the three shots into the ground, making Steve wonder why she apparently let Wo Fat escape.

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