03x02 - Hawaii 5-0


(CZ dabing)

Following an elaborate art heist, the Five-0 team finds the getaway car along with the driver, who was shot in the head before he and the car were set on fire. The driver is identified as a former NASCAR driver, who was forced to work for the thieves after they kidnapped his daughter. The team calls on August March (Ed Asner) for help in tracking the daughter. It is revealed that the paintings they stole were actually previously stolen by the gallery owner's grandfather in 1941. The rest of the robbers are later found dead, with no sign of the daughter. Ballistics evidence matches the murder of flight attendant Angela in "Kalele". August ultimately confesses to the murders, and leads them to an abandoned factory where she is apparently being held before jumping in front of a truck. The girl is later recovered alive in a long-stay parking lot. Meanwhile, Steve asks Catherine for assistance in tracking his mother. She finds that Doris' plane never left Hawaii and that she is hiding somewhere on the island. Meanwhile, the team tries to help Chin cope with the death of his wife.

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