03x03 - Hawaii 5-0

Na šírom mori

(CZ dabing)

McGarrett and Danny are fishing in the ocean when they rescue a man (Todd Stashwick) lost at sea on a raft. However, the man pulls out a gun and hijacks the boat, and stranding McGarrett and Danny at sea. The two find a yacht, and come across a dead body, shot by the same weapon used by the hijacker. The yacht is also disabled. They are later arrested by the United States Coast Guard, but released soon after. Back on land, the hijacker is identified as Gil Scates, a former security guard who was fired for inappropriate advances towards Kate Burgess (Cynthia Watros), wife of Al Burgess, the victim on the yacht. Five-0 realize that Scates believes he has gotten away with murder; Scates is found and arrested near his apartment. Upon interrogation, Five-0 learns that Kate wanted Scates to kill her husband so they could be together, and then she sabotaged the yacht, making him a patsy. As the team move to arrest Kate, her sister-in-law Jenny (Julie McNiven) discovers what she did and kills her in revenge.

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