03x03 - Hra o tróny / Game of Thrones

Walk of Punishment

(CZ dabing)

Daenerys makes a deal for all the Unsullied and slaves in Astapor by offering one of her dragons in trade, against the advisement Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Jorah Mormont. Jon Snow is sent with a band of wildings to scale the wall, while Arya and Gendry leave Hot Pie at the inn and are made to travel with the Brotherhood without Banners. In King's Landing, Tyrion is made the new Master of coin, while Petyr Baelish is sent to wed Lady Arryn in the Vale. Jamie convinces his captors against the rape and murder of Brienne with the thought of the amount her father may pay in Sapphires for her safe return. Jamie then tries to convince his captors that his father would pay them gold for his safe return to Kings Landing. His captors seem convinced, but this is only a ploy used to allow them to cut off his right hand.

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