03x04 - Hawaii 5-0

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(CZ dabing)

Professional polo player Billy Keats (Robbie Amell) is found decapitated by a garroting wire tied between two poles while he was playing. One of his friends, Jake Madsen (Guy Wilson), reveals to Five-0 that he believes Jake was the intended target. It is further revealed that Jake was kidnapped ten years ago, but escaped before a ransom was paid. The kidnappers were convicted, but one of them, Randy Thorpe (Jack Dimish) was released. However, Thorpe claims he was paid by an unknown party to plant a bomb in his car. A further investigation reveals Amanda Madsen, Keats' lover and Jake's mother, was the real target; although she survived the car bomb, she was later suffocated in hospital. Reviewing camera footage reveals that Jake killed his mother, because of the affair, and she was against paying the ransom ten years ago. Meanwhile, Doris reunites with McGarrett. Doris claims the reason why she shot at the floor was due to a struggle between her and Wo Fat, however McGarrett reveals to Danny that he does not believe her. Doris meanwhile, secretly recovers camera film from a cavity under McGarrett's home.

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