03x05 - Hawaii 5-0


(CZ dabing)

On the night of October 31, Five-0 investigate a road accident where the drivers of both vehicles are missing. One of the drivers, Lisa Heller, is later found murdered, having died as a ritualistic sacrifice, most likely by the other driver. The team learn that Lisa Heller was at a party in a condemned house, and find the killer took another victim, Lucas Hayes (Jordan Matlock), to murder him in a similar ritual by the following night. The killer is Seth Tilton (Chris Marquette), who is caring for his ailing grandmother Helen (Lee Meriwether), who is also involved. Lucas however escapes captivity and calls the police before Helen non-fatally stabs him. Five-0 storms the house and realize Seth is gone with Lucas. Helen misleads the team before killing herself, but Five-0 realizes Seth has gone to a beach to perform another killing. McGarrett and Danny arrive, killing Seth right before he could complete the ritual.

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