03x06 - Hawaii 5-0

Ten deň

(CZ dabing)

The team investigate an explosion where they find traces of acetone peroxide, which are used by Middle Eastern terrorists, indicating a terrorist cell is active in Hawaii. A discovery of a terrorist hideout leads Five-0 to a planned attack at a military base where the Secretary of Defense is speaking at an event. Five-0 and HPD manage to secure the area, locate and disarm the bomb, but the terrorist responsible has escaped. Danny ultimately finds the man and shoots him, but find the terrorist was strapped with a bomb with a proximity center, and Danny has to stay still or the vest would explode. As the bomb squad works to defuse the device, McGarrett distracts Danny from his anxiety by asking him to tell the story of how he escaped death in New Jersey. Danny recalls the incident on September 11, 2001, before the attacks, when he and his then partner, Grace Tilwell (Sydney Tamiia Poitier), are captured by gang members (T.I. and Terrence Howard) in their drug operation. The gang members kill Tilwell before Danny could escape and kill all three members responsible. At the time Danny's wife was pregnant with their daughter, who was named Grace after Tilwell.

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