03x07 - Hawaii 5-0


(CZ dabing)

Zach Slater (Matt Bush), a teenage boy and expert computer hacker, is released from juvenile hall but is abducted shortly after and later found dead. Five-0 realize he had files in his hard drive, which was what the killers were after. After Kono discovers Zach's password in his room, the killers, led by South African mercenary Sean Winston (Carlo Rota), storm the house and hold everybody hostage. Kono agrees to give them the password if they release the hostages. Five-0 supply them a truck, which the mercenaries take with Kono. However it is a trap set up by the team, who overpower the mercenaries in the process. Meanwhile, Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) returns for a visit, now a caregiver with a companion, Morty Sapperstein (Shelley Berman), in tow but is unrelenting in not wanting to see her mother. Her companion however convinces her to see Doris, reciting his story when his estranged daughter was killed years before.

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