03x08 - Hawaii 5-0

Žena plná zla

(CZ dabing)

Following the murder of Aiden O'Connell in a sugar caine field in Maui, McGarrett is convinced that Olivia Victor (Vanessa Marcil), Aiden's psychiatrist, is responsible, but her initial arrest is overturned due to lack of evidence. To hinder the investigation, Victor files a restraining order against McGarrett, who has Catherine add her on a No Fly List. Although the rest of Five-0 are initially skeptical of McGarrett's suspicions, they find that Aiden hired a Private Investigator, also found murdered, who found that Victor run a prostitution ring in her own office. Five-0 are able to find Victor at the airport and arrest her. Meanwhile, Catherine is confronted by WITSEC Agent Channing (Carlos Bernard), now suspended, after Catherine hacked into his account to get information on Doris' the whereabouts. They learn that one of her assassination targets, "Mangosta", is still alive and seeking revenge in Hawaii. However instead Doris captures Mangosta and tortures him for information on who else knows she is alive, before Catherine stops her.

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