03x08 - Spartakus

Rozdelené cesty / Separate Paths

(CZ dabing)

Spartacus and the rebels come to a crossroads in their quest, while a relentless Crassus forcefully drives his men in the pursuit of Spartacus and his forces, and the conflict between Tiberius and Caesar intensifies. Crixus and Spartacus decide to part ways, with each man choosing his own path; Crixus choosing to advance onto Rome (with his followers including Naevia and Agron), whilst Spartacus heads for other places to take his followers away from the country. While the rebels are celebrating Laeta and Spartacus discover their feelings for each other and they have sex in the wine cellar. Meanwhile confrontation between Tiberius and Caesar leads to Tiberius raping Caesar. Crixus and his followers defeat several armies before being approached by Crassus' troops. In the ensuing battle, Agron is wounded and Crixus and Caesar battle. Crixus, with Naevia's help, seemingly overwhelms Caesar but is stabbed from behind by Tiberius, who tells Caesar that the time has not come for Caesar's suffering to end. Crassus orders Tiberius to decapitate Crixus in front of Naevia, and Crixus' death is reflected through Naevia's eyes.

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