03x09 - Hawaii 5-0

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(CZ dabing)

Five-0 investigate a bank robbery where two people are shot, with one of those being a teller Max, a witness, was going to ask out. The other, Jim Rogers, later dies in hospital after one of the robbers returns to silence him. After identifying the leader, mob enforcer Martin Cordova (C. Thomas Howell), the team realizes that Jim paid Cordova to rob the bank and attempt a kidnap so that he can die a hero in order to win the trust of his family. Jim and Cordova are also dying from cancer. The team track him to a hospital, and Cordova kidnaps McGarrett, sends him to a remote area and goads McGarrett into killing him, not wishing to die from the cancer. However, he is arrested instead when the rest of the team locate him. Meanwhile, Danny has to catch a stalker who sent a threatening letter to one of Victoria's Secret's models. The stalker is later identified as Denise Pope (Z. Zoccolante), and Danny kills her before she could murder her target.

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