03x09 - Spartakus

Mrtví a umierajúci / The Dead and the Dying

(CZ dabing)

Crixus' army has been completely wiped out. Crassus send Naevia back to Spartacus' camp to inform him of Crixus' death. Agron is crucified by Caesar. Spartacus captures Tiberius with the indirect help of Caesar. An enraged Crassus sends Caesar to bargain with Spartacus to release Tiberius. Spartacus hosts gladiator games (using Tiberius and the captured Romans as the gladiators) to honor Crixus. In the final part of the games, Naevia battles Tiberius and defeats him. Naevia spares Tiberius however when Spartacus reveals that Crassus and Caesar have offered the return of 500 captured rebels in exchange for Tiberius. During the exchange Caesar tells Tiberius that he intends to torture him, but Kore stabs Tiberius from behind and kills him. Caesar takes an opportunity to return Kore to Crassus in an attempt to appease him, and the 500 captured rebels (which include a critically wounded Agron) are returned to Spartacus. Kore and Caesar returns to Crassus and does not reveal to Crasus that his son's true killer was Kore. Spartacus tells his surviving rebels to prepare for a final stand.

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