Extra English - Episode 12

Football Crazy

It’s the World Cup. Spain, Argentina and England are all doing very well. England is playing Argentina in the semi-finals. Hector, Annie and Bridget are watching the game on TV. Nick is out working, but he has said that he does not want to know the score as he will watch the video of the game after he returns. It is a tight match but England beats Argentina. The girls tell Hector that he must not tell Nick the score. Bridget is very distracted because her boyfriend Miguel is coming to visit. Miguel calls Hector to ask him for some expressions in English so he can demonstrate how much he likes Bridget. Annie walks in during the telephone call, and assumes that Hector is speaking to Bridget. She refuses to speak to Hector. Miguel will certainly want to watch the Cup Final; now Spain v England. Bridget decides to have her hair cut in Miguel’s honour, but ends up with an awful style, which she tries to keep covered. When Miguel arrives, however, his hair is exactly the same. They all watch the match and England wins on penalties. Miguel is miserable but Bridget persuades him to speak some more English to her. Annie realises that she got the wrong idea, and she forgives Hector. He then asks Annie to marry him.

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