Extra English - Episode 14


Now that he is Bridget's new boyfriend, Nick is trying to live up to her high standards ... but he is failing. His table manners, personal habits and lack of respect are not good enough. Bridget decides to give him a makeover and tries to train him to behave as she would like. Hector's mother is still in town, determined to put Hector off the idea of marrying Annie. Mrs Romero tells Hector that back home in Argentina they have a very suitable girl for him. This girl is almost aristocracy, much more suited to the Romero family name. Hector wants his mother to give Annie a chance – to see the real, sweet, wonderful Annie – so he organises a dinner at the flat. Annie also has to be persuaded. She eventually agrees, and Bridget takes her shopping for an outfit – one that will impress Mrs Romero. It takes a while to find the perfect look, but when Mrs Romero arrives, she is wearing exactly the same outfit. The evening is almost a disaster. Hector has to stop Annie from attacking Mrs Romero. It is Charley – Annie's dog – who brings everyone together in the end.

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