Extra English - Episode 15

The Bouncer

Removing a splinter from Hector's finger, Annie realises that he is not the most macho of men – he is even terrified of needles. He realises that he is a wimp. Nick has got a job as a bouncer at the very fashionable club, Ice. Naturally Bridget wants to be added to the guest list, so she can mingle with the stars. Nick refuses. Annie tries to persuade Hector to have a tattoo. She already has one, and Hector reluctantly agrees. Nick is enjoying his new job. Annie is impressed that Hector gets the tattoo done, but after Charley licks Hector’s leg, it becomes apparent that it was a fake tattoo. It is Latino night at Ice, and it is rumoured that J.Lo will make a guest appearance. Hector is delighted that the club needs another bouncer for the night, as this is his opportunity to show he is not a wimp. Nick promises Bridget and Annie that he will get them in but it all goes wrong when a fight breaks out as some other guests try to chat up Bridget and Annie.

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