Extra English - Episode 17

Cyber Stress

Bridget decides that she needs a new computer for work. She asks Hector and Nick to help her choose it. Annie is totally distracted, waiting for her exam results. There is other mail: bills and a note from the landlady. The computer arrives and Bridget leaves it to the boys to set up. They ignore the instructions and end up taking it apart, then putting it back together again. It looks okay. Inspired by their apparent success with the computer, the boys are convinced that they are superior male beings and decide to battle out their superiority in the 'Man Olympics'. The Man Olympics carries on with events such as marshmallow eating and seeing who can go the longest without a visit to the bathroom. Of course, the computer doesn't work, so the boys take it apart again. Bridget phones the computer company to have it fixed properly. Annie’s letter arrives and she has passed. She kisses everyone, including the man who delivered the letter. The computer hero arrives and fixes the computer. Bridget and Annie decide on the final challenge in the Man Olympics – for all of the boys. Are they man enough to do the housework?

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