Extra English - Episode 18

Just the Ticket

Annie is sitting in front of a pile of rejection letters. Even though she passed her exams she has not been successful in getting a job so far. When Nick comes back in a rage because he has got a parking ticket, Annie opens a letter telling her that she has got the job she applied for ... a job as a traffic warden. Hector and Nick give her role-play help for the entrance test, which includes arguing with angry car owners. Hector is presenting the Miss Eurobabe contest on TV, and Bridget desperately tries to keep Nick away but he keeps appearing. Hector gets a little muddled with the girls, but the main crisis of the evening is that Miss Englandbabe hasn’t arrived. Nick tries to save the contest by dressing up as Miss Englandbabe but he doesn't convince the audience. When Annie turns up in her new Traffic Warden uniform, however, she wins the Eurobabe contest.

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