Extra English - Episode 20

Every Dog has its Day

Hector, Nick and Charley are watching a dog show on TV. When the boys hear that there is a large cash prize for the winner they decide to enter Charley. Annie thinks that dog shows are cruel so the boys know that they will have to train Charley in secret, without Annie knowing about it. They start the training without Charley as Annie has taken him to the vet. Bridget has a new boyfriend called Phillip and when she brings him home, Nick and Hector are in the middle of practising 'dog yoga'. Things in the flat start disappearing mysteriously; not just small things, but the kettle and the fridge and the girls start accusing each other. Nick takes Charley for a walk, but he goes to a pub and returns to the flat without Charley. When Nick goes back to find him, the dog has disappeared and there is a note in his place, saying that they are too cruel to be dog owners. They begin an intensive search. Nick calls Hector to say he has found Charley but in fact it is a dog belonging to an elderly lady, so Nick is arrested. They are all eventually reunited and after some training, the boys take Charley to the dog show. They win the show, and even Annie is pleased. Unfortunately the £2,000 prize can only be spent in the pet shop. Charley then reveals the thief ... Phillip.

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