Extra English - Episode 28


Annie and Hector are discussing traditional Christmas customs while Bridget is going to another Christmas party. Nick returns home from work where he has been working as Father Christmas in a grotto. He is not happy. Bridget falls over his sleigh and ends up with a broken leg. Nick explains ‘mince pies’ to Hector as they pull a traditional Christmas cracker. Hector buys ingredients to make mince pies as a surprise for the others. He has mistakenly understood that the pies are filled with ‘minced meat’. Annie comes home from Christmas shopping and tries one. It’s horrible so she gives it to the dog. She explains the error to Hector. Nick loves his pies. Annie suggests that they go carol singing for charity. The carol singing is not a success. Annie decorates the tree with tasteful decorations and Hector arrives with some horrible decorations. Nick comes home after doing his Christmas shopping at the petrol station. They decide to have a party at the flat. Early next morning Bernard arrives for lunch while the others recover from the party. They distribute the presents. Bernard drinks a lot of sherry. Eunice arrives as Father Christmas, which impresses the boys. The turkey is ruined because they leave it in the oven too long – and Hector has another surprise, a real chocolate log for dessert.

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