Extra English - Episode 30

Love Hurts

Annie and Hector are having a romantic meal for two in a restaurant. Annie seems rather stressed. She is still jealous, because she thinks that Hector has another girlfriend. Bridget is suspicious too. She has been promoted and is now an editor at Channel 9. Annie is in the flat cutting up photos of her and Hector as she is convinced that he is having an affair. Nick is practising his new acting technique, ‘Total Being’. Hector wants to talk to him about Annie’s concerns. Hector says he is not having an affair with anyone. At work, Annie gives a parking ticket to a cute guy called Zeus. When she tells Nick, he doesn’t react because he is ‘being’ pain. Hector continues to get calls from someone called Lola. The next day, Zeus has parked in the same place so Annie sees his van again. Annie gives Zeus her phone number. Nick comes in with some new glasses. Bridget surprises him by saying that they suit him. Bridget is unhappy in her new job, but Nick reassures her. Annie is convinced that Hector is going out with Lola, but then she receives a call from Zeus. Annie brings him back to the flat. Bridget is very impressed. Hector comes in saying he must talk to her. He announces that Argentinian television want him to go back to South America and present their top show. So, does he stay – or does he go?

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