Extra English - Episode 6

Bridget Wins the Lottery

Bridget is obsessed with the lottery and has a precise routine to bring her luck. Hector is puzzled, especially when he is told that his orange tee-shirt will bring bad luck. He is asked to collect the dry-cleaning, but unfortunately takes the lottery ticket instead of the dry-cleaning ticket. Then he meets Nick who uses the ticket to write down the number of a girl he has just met. When the lottery numbers are announced, Bridget is doing her yoga and when the numbers are shown on the screen, she is watching the TV upside down with the sound off. To her intense excitement, she realises that she is a winner. She and Annie fantasise about what she will do with the money and Bridget leaves a message at work, handing in her notice. Then she discovers the ticket has gone. To make matters worse, Hector has lost the ticket. This is also a disaster for Nick, who is desperate for the girl’s phone number. Hector is sent to look for the ticket. Meanwhile Annie finds the ticket and an excited Bridget phones up to claim her prize, but finds that the numbers are all wrong. Hector is able to explain that she must have read them upside down. Meanwhile, Nick is trying to phone the girl he met. However, he too is disappointed … she gave him a wrong number.

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