Extra English - Episode 9

Jobs for the Boys

Nick thinks he has got a part in a Shakespeare play. When he is trying out his costume and lines, Annie and Bridget come in and discover that he is wearing Bridget's tights. Bridget is very proud of her new job at Channel 9. She is always showing off about the celebrities she meets every day. But she has some good news for Hector. The TV station is looking for a news reporter and Bridget persuades Hector to come in for an interview. Hector is not sure his English will be good enough but Bridget believes he can do it, because his English is improving all the time and good looks are even more important. But it is Nick who offers Hector some tips. When Hector does appear for an interview he discovers that Bridget’s new boss is in fact the landlady’s cousin who is more interested in good looks than in excellent language. Hector gets the job and arrives home to discover that Nick’s Shakespeare job was in fact the job of delivery boy for Hamlet’s Burgers, the fast food chain.

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