4. séria - Čierne vlajky / Black Sails

XXIX.   (titulky) Flint and Silver lead the fight to reclaim Nassau; Jack and Blackbeard seek vengeance; Eleanor attempts to reconcile herself to her new role. 4. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXX.   (titulky) Flint submits himself to Billy's authority; Eleanor tries to find a way to save Rogers; Silver is forced to become the leader of the war to reclaim Nassau. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXXI.   (titulky) Max runs afoul of the law. Rogers reckons with his past. Flint and Madi reach an understanding. Long John Silver makes his return. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXXII.   (titulky) The streets of Nassau become embroiled in violent strife; Silver demands answers from Billy; Eleanor tries to help Max; Bonny and Rackham suffer a traumatic experience. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXXIII.   (titulky) Silver places Flint's survival in his own hands; Billy sows further dissonance; Eleanor jeopardizes everyone and everything to ensure her victory; Rogers orchestrates a seemingly effective appeal. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia...
XXXIV.   (titulky) Spain invades Nassau without much resistance; Silver tries to fix relations between the pirates and the former slaves; Flint and Eleanor work together to survive the Spanish invasion. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >...
XXXV.   (titulky) Flint urges Silver to exercise more caution; Max shows Jack and Anne how to get upriver; Billy meets a survivor; Rogers discovers the truth. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXXVI.   (titulky) Flint and Silver's relationship threatens to collapse during a rescue mission; Max discovers the true cost of freedom; Rackham pursues his target. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXXVII.   (titulky) Silver and his crew travel to Skeleton Island in pursuit of Flint; Madi is presented with a proposition; Rogers struggles to hear Eleanor; Billy commits himself to the group. 3. séria   < staršia časť      ďalšia časť >
XXXVIII.   (titulky) Flint launches a final, desperate attack to destroy England's hold on Nassau; Silver makes an irreversible decision; Rackham confronts Rogers; Nassau is forever changed. 3. séria   < staršia časť