The Mentalist - S01E02

Red Hair and Silver Tape

(30 Sep. 2008) - Crime | Drama | Mystery

When the dead body of an 18-year-old girl is found in the vineyards of Northern Napa County, the CBI team is called in to find a sexual predator who is using silver duct tape and kidnapping red haired people. After creating a timeline for the victim's disappearance from the restaurant where she worked, the team limits the list of suspects to the people who were at the restaurant that night. Hard evidence points to the victim's drug dealer boyfriend, who came by to pick her up, but Jane's mentalist skills point to the chef. To prove his suspicions, Jane goes behind Lisbon's back and orchestrates an undercover operation with Van Pelt as the bait to lure the killer out of hiding. Rigsby nearly attacks the Sheriff when he starts talking to Van Pelt. But when the operation does not go according to plan, Jane has to get himself out of a jam when he gets caught in a room with the not one but two killers: the chef and his wife who have captured another red-haired woman, duct taping and gagging her.


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