The Mentalist - S01E12

Red Rum

(13 jan. 2009) - Crime | Drama | Mystery

When the dead body of a promising high school football star, Cody Elkins, is found with a pentacle and burning candles next to him, CBI suspects a self-proclaimed real witch is the killer. The witch, Tamzin Dove, confesses to putting a death spell on Cody after he killed her cat but swears she did not hurt him. While Cody's parents believe Tamzin is guilty, hospital records stating Cody put his younger brother, Brad, in the hospital for "rough-housing" and a pentacle in Brad's hideout suggests he killed his brother in retaliation. But when Brad does not fall for a mentalist trap and instead his father does, the true story of family abuse and Cody's murder is revealed.


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