The Mentalist - S05E05


Red Dawn

(28 Oct. 2012) - Crime | Drama | Mystery

The episode starts several years ago with Patrick Jane walking into CBI, inquiring about the Red John investigation. He speaks with agent Teresa Lisbon briefly, who rebuffs him, and asks him to schedule a formal meeting. He uses his powers of manipulation to force one of her subordinates, an older agent, to punch him in the nose. For fear of a lawsuit, this prompts agent Minelli to allow Jane access to all of the Red John files. Throughout the episode, Patrick Jane rides along with agent Lisbon as they're attempting to solve a shooting of a state appellate court judge's son, while offering his unsolicited insights. In the end, Patrick Jane forces a corrupt cop to confess to the murder. Minelli, impressed with Jane's performance, hires him as a consultant. FBI agent Alexa Schultz calls Minelli and asks him to share the details of the ongoing Red John investigation.


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